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Car in swamp of Sau

The past 01-02-2017 we were called to go to make a rescue in a car that had fallen to the swamp. When we arrived at the incident we did not find the car since it was about 30 meters below the surface of the water. We had to ask professional divers and teach them how to clutch the vehicle so they could get in the water and they could do the maneuver well. On 07-02-2017, after 6 days of the accident, at 10:00 we went to the accident with a large pen crane due to the weight of the vehicle filled with water and the depth to which it was and a platform crane to power Move it. At 11:30 am they were able to locate the vehicle the divers and begin the process of clutching it to be able to remove it to the surface, then we began to deploy the boom and with the help of the divers to lower the winch to the vehicle. At 15.00h after two and a half hours and complicated maneuvers we managed to get the car to the surface, but we had to leave it 30 minutes above to be emptied of water because otherwise it was impossible to transport it. In the end at 16:00 the vehicle was already loaded on the platform crane and we then moved it to our facilities in Vic. It was a complicated rescue of 6 hours and a more experienced experience.