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Double accident

On 27-02-2017 at 16:25 we were called for a breakdown of a Peugeot 206 at the exit of Hostalets de Balenya, after about 15 minutes of the call we are again warned that the car because of the Fault was located in very bad place and that another car had given him from behind and have fallen on a shoulder both stuck, when we arrived at the end of 25minuts we found the two cars in a strange situation and proceeded to remove them, the two were missing Stuck and it turned out a complicated rescue when in the beginning was a fault. First remove the blue Peugeot 206 and then proceed to remove the black Opel Insignia. The case of this accident is very common since people when they have a breakdown gets nervous and does not do the procedure to get into the xaleco and put the triangles behind the vehicle about 50 meters approximately so that the area is well signposted and reduce the danger His and others'.