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Vigatana de Asistencia

Currently, Vigatana Assistance has five operational bases. In Vic is located the central base where the arrangements are made and where the offices are available, and the bases for the vehicles in Ripoll, Puigcerdà, Manresa and Figueres. The quality and the collaboration with its clients are, from the very moment of its foundation, the base of the success of our company. Our goal is the inter-relationship between companies and clients based on the perfect standards of effectiveness and professionalism.


Proven experience

It is necessary to establish a very clear brand promise: What we want to be for the customer, what the customer can expect from us and execute the strategy involving the entire organization.


Our Future: "Quality and Collaboration"

The quality and collaboration with its clients are, from the very moment of its foundation, the basis of the success of Vigatana de Asistencia.

Looking ahead, the heads of Vigatana de Asistencia are committed to maintaining their quality and customer service policy and, at the same time, being able to meet the demands of the market by ensuring that the fair value of an urgent service such as that of Roadside assistance, since it is often undervalued.

Our largest volume of work is done in direct assistance. Service that we provide 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in a totally uninterrupted way, with a highly educated human potential and that fluctuates between 8 and 10 people according to shift and day.

Last year we performed close to 10,000 direct assists.
Another important volume of our work is the racking up of new vehicles and the vehicles repatriation.

These services are only done with departure and destination always within our autonomous community, these services are performed on the same day they are requested by our customers, simply so that this part of our work does not interfere with the quality of direct service assistance.



We guarantee speed in solving the problems.

Faults, accidents, thefts, vehicle fires ...
Fuel problems, loss of keys ....
Efficiency in each of these situations that causes small or serious problems ...


On-site repair

We make all kinds of repairs in the place of the accident of the vehicle. We make changes of batteries, we repair pinchadas wheels, canvios of fuel by mistake of the clients, we open cars, and much more ...